Frequently asked questions

Is Safari safe?

The guides and staff at the lodge are all highly trained to live in harmony with the surrounding wildlife and know how to interpret their behavior. They have all undergone training to keep you safe, please always listen to their instructions and if at any point you feel unsafe walking alone through camp alert the staff who will accompany you. Always, at all times keep a minimum distance of 40 meters between you and the animal. (If you find yourself closer, retreat slowly and keep the animal within eyesight, so that you can see the animal’s movements). 

Use a torch between 6 pm and 6 am Watchmen will escort you to and from your tent in the dark. Ask your guide for more information or advise if required. It will be a pleasure for him to share his knowledge with you

Can children go on safari?

All children are welcome however we do not have specialized cots. Children under 11 will require a private vehicle so as to not disturb other guests which is at an additional charge. We can organize for a specialist activities for the children with advanced notice, teaching the younger children tracks and trails around the camp and shorter game drives and earlier meal times to suit.

What kind of food can I expect?

Here at Msandile River Lodge we aim to give you healthy hearty meals, enjoyable, filling and fun! We aim to source locally grown fruit and vegetables including growing some of our own with a variety of proteins and carbohydrates to keep you satisfied. Our chefs love experimenting with seasonal fruits and vegetables to create delicious dishes but if you have any requests or dietary requirements or allergies please do let us know in advance so we can best cater for you. We of course have local delicacies so if you are up for the adventure let us know we would be more than happy to make you our local dishes for you to try! 

Money and tipping?

As they say cash is king, in Zambia you can use either Zambian Kwacha or USD both are widely accepted. We suggest you get local currency on arrival at your first destination at the bank / exchange bureau or ATM in the airport should you wish however USD is widely accepted and you are welcome to exchange any USD for local currency at the lodge.

Tipping is the norm however there is no pressure to do so. Tipping is always welcomed however it is better to tip little and often to ensure all involved in your stay receive their fair share. We have a communal tipping box for the lodge staff which is split between all staff, front and back of house who contribute to your stay. The suggested amounts would be $5 per guest per night for lodge staff and between $5-10 for your guide, especially if he went the extra mile on your sightings! He will always try but we of course cannot guarantee wildlife! Please remember these are just guidelines and not compulsory.

What is the shopping like?

There are a variety of really good causes and shops in Mfuwe Town such as Tribal Textiles, who sell an assortment of locally made homeware goods from pillow cases and table cloths to small statues and ornaments. Mulberry Mongoose, a beautiful shop full of jewelry made from snare wire and local organic materials, a portion of all sales goes towards anti-poaching in the park! Project Luangwa, a charitable organization which contributes to local schools, educational programs and women’s initiatives has a variety of locally made curios. Should you need any essentials that you may have forgotten such as a toothbrush please let the staff know so they can arrange for you.

There is also a bush spa at Mfuwe lodge which we can arrange transfers and treatments at. Just let one of the team know you are interested, it has been well tried and tested by management and we can thoroughly recommend! 

What should I know about Zambia?

Zambia is an incredibly friendly and safe country and people are happy to help however the country is poor so it is recommended not to flaunt valuables or cash to cause temptation. The lodge has a lock box in every room and a safe in the office, please do lock away your valuables or arrange with management to utilize the safe.

For your health it is recommended to consult a travel doctor in your home country to see what they recommend (we are not certified doctors and can only make suggestions). We would recommend taking anti-malarials and taking all recommended vaccines. We of course have first aid kits on site and in the vehicles and there is a park doctor within Mfuwe, please do arrange for health and travel insurance before you arrive in case of any emergencies.

Which banking details can I use?

Lowani Safari’s Ltd
Nsefu Zambia
Account number: 5880830500156
Bank: Zanaco Bank
Mfuwe Branch