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Looking to explore some of Northern Malawi's best hiking trails and have the safari of a lifetime. This adventure packed itinerary is perfect for those looking to get off the beaten track and explore some hidden gems of the region. This itinerary is perfect for self drivers who wish to take their time to explore but can be tailored for those that need transfers.




This morning you will embark on your self drive tour of northern Malawi and a safari in  Zambia. You will drive to the Northern lake shores of Lake Malawi to stay at Kachere Kastle  where you will stay for the next 2 nights. 

Lake Malawi is the crowning jewel of this beautiful country. It is one of the largest, longest  and deepest freshwater lakes in the world. Numerous fishing villages are scattered along its  length but there are still vast stretches of uninhabited golden beaches. Known as ‘The Lake  of Stars’, the natural beauty of Lake Malawi draws travellers from around the globe. It has  more species of fish than any other freshwater lake in the world, boasting over 600 species  of fish in the Lake Malawi National Park alone. The 590 kilometre long and 85 kilometre  wide Lake is the third-largest lake in Africa, occupying one-fifth of Malawi’s total area. With a  depth of 700 metres, it is incredibly deep with its lowest point reaching more than 200  metres below sea level. Visitors can look forward to spotting a myriad of wildlife in and  around the lake including, hippos, crocodiles, fish eagles, and over 1000 species of brightly coloured endemic cichlid fish.


Kachere Kastle is located on the western coats of beautiful Lake Malawi in the Kaningina  Forest Reserve. 

The beach lodge offers 4 en-suite room types, including an outdoor camping facility for  those looking to sleep under the stars. All rooms are equipped with a shower and hot  water. 

Activities at the lodge include bird watching, swimming at the pool, working out at the mini  gym, playing squash and many more to keep any guest busy during their stay. 

Guests can also participate in a variety of off-site activities such as horse riding, SCUBA  diving, a 9 hole golf course, and an optional guided walk through the Nkhotakota Game  Reserve. 


Early this morning you will drive to Livingstonia where you will spend 3 nights at Mushroom  Farm. 

Situated in the Northern Region district of Rumphi in Malawi, Livingstonia is set just inland  from the beautiful Lake Malawi. Aside from the Livingstonia Mission, built by Scottish  missionaries, the little town of Livingstonia does not have much on offer, what is of interest  are the resorts along the beach, which lies 12 kilometres to the east and the natural scenery  of the Nyika National Park to the west. Livingstonia provides a fascinating glimpse into  Malawi’s colonial past and boasts an old-world feel with its tree-lined main street fringed by 

colonial relics and offering incredible mountain views. Visit the local museum, view the old  church and stay at the surrounding permaculture farms. 


Welcome to the Mushroom Farm (alt1100m). The Mushroom Farm is a beautiful bush lodge located near the historical mission town of Livingstonia (Malawi). They offer a friendly and  comfortable place to stay, while they explore the very best part of Malawi - The North! The  Mushroom Farm is uniquely located in a stunning cliff-top location and has spectacular  views across the Rift Valley, Lake Malawi and Tanzania. Here you can explore the local area,  taking guided day hikes, exploring coffee plantations or visiting the nearby jewelry making  store YEWO.


Today you will drive south towards Zambia to stay at Dzalanyama for the next 2 nights. 

Set in a range of hills roughly 50 kilometres south-west of Lilongwe by road, encompassing a  watershed forming the border between Malawi and Mozambique, the Dzalanyama Forest  Reserve is an area of outstanding beauty known for its lush forests, rich flora and birdlife.  The area is home to numerous exotic tree species, epiphytic orchids, incredible ferns and  wild mushrooms. The abundant ‘Miombo’ birdlife and rare species such as the olive-headed  weaver, miombo pied barbet, Boulder Chat, White-Tailed Flycatcher, Black Eared Seedeater,  Stierling’s Woodpecker also inhabit the landscape here. Dzalanyama forest is perfect for day  trips and offers wonderful opportunities for hiking, game viewing, mountain biking, and  swimming in its delightful array of mountain pools, streams, and waterfalls. The area is also  a sacred space: it is believed by many in Malawi to be the site of creation. 

DZALANYAMA FOREST HOUSE | DZALANYAMA FOREST RESERVE Dzalanyama, (situated 60 km (37 miles) southwest of Lilongwe), is a range of steep sided  hills running 45 miles forming a border which runs between Malawi and Mozambique. 

Dzalanyama Forest House has several different types of rooming from inside the farmhouse  to the treehouses outside. The front deck is the perfect place to enjoy al fresco lunches and  appreciate the serenity of the area. Lighting is provided by gas lamps and solar lamps. Here  you can explore the forest by foot or by bike soaking in the incredible greenery.


This morning you will cross the border to Zambia and drive to South Luangwa National Park,  where you will stay at Msandile River Lodge for the next 4 nights. 

Bordering the Luangwa River, the northern and southern Luangwa National Parks contain  some of the most breathtaking and untouched wilderness in Africa. As a result of this and  the parks’ successful anti-poaching campaigns, the area has developed into a world renowned wildlife haven. The South Luangwa National Park is renowned for its walking  safari, which allows visitors to view elephant, hippo and even lion close-up under the  supervision of professional and knowledgeable armed guides. 

MSANDILE RIVER LODGE | SOUTH LUANGWA NATIONAL PARK, ZAMBIA Surrounded by the untouched South Luangwa wilderness Msandile River Lodge blends  

luxury and sustainability. Set on the banks of the Luangwa River and overlooks a busy  animal crossing point, making this an ideal option for nature enthusiasts looking for a  relaxing getaway. The eco-friendly lodge leave behind nothing but great memories whilst  maintaining a high level of comfort and style. The tents and chalets all have excellent river  views for uninterrupted wildlife viewing from the luxury of your own room. Choose from the  luxury en-suite chalets that can be fully opened to the views of the river and the stars; the  classic en-suite tents a taste of true safari which have both indoor and outdoor showers; or  the standard tents, for those on a tighter budget or prefer to camp in true explorer style  which enjoy shared bathroom facilities. Enjoy twice daily game drives through South  Luangwa National Park, famous for its prolific wildlife and numerous leopards!


This morning after your game drive you will have breakfast and return to Lilongwe for your onward journey.